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ADVANCE LANE is a premier car rental & leasing and chauffeured limousine services provider that delivers unsurpassed quality & value yet with one of the best rates & prices in Singapore. Whatever your requirements are on wheels, check us out before going anywhere.


ADVANCE LIMO specializes in the rental & leasing of mainly Premium/Executive and exotic cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche and the likes.

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SOUTHERN LIMO specializes in the rental & leasing of mainly Compact/Economical cars such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan and the likes.

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DIVINE LIMO specializes in providing chauffeured services. Our level of service and professionalism were derived from serving big hotel names like Shangri-la, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons etc., but what really stands us out from the competition is our unique “Personal Concierge” service where we endeavor to meet most if not all of your requirements.

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We are proud EXCLUSIVE PARTNERS of Grab. Contact us today and find out how private hire will enhance and change your life.


Best Car Rental in Singapore

ADVANCE LANE was established in year 2014 and was one of the pioneer companies that started off with UBER Singapore. In a span of 2 years, the brand has expanded with 3 companies under its holding.

Advance Limo & Rental Pte Ltd was the first company under the ADVANCE LANE brand. It started off with a modest fleet of 4 Mercedes Benz S-Classes providing Grab Executive / VIP services for Grab users.

The brand name has since grown with another 2 companies under its umbrella, namely Southern Limousine Pte Ltd and Divine Limousine Pte Ltd providing wide array of services catered to our customers' needs. 

Both Advance Limousine & Southern Limousine provide corporate car leasing and the best car rental rate in singapore, not only limiting to GRAB cars rental, but also corporate cars rental & leasing, weddings & event cars rental, and leisurely car rentals. All vehicles are enabled for use in both Singapore & Malaysia with one of the best rental rates in Singapore. Need a private airport transfer in Singapore? Check. Need a car rental from Singapore to Malaysia? Done. With Driver? With Pleasure.

Till date combined, they boast a fleet size of than 250 vehicles of limo cars, economical cars & MPVs and are the EXCLUSIVE FLEET PARTNER OF GRAB.

Divine Limousine provides mainly limo car rental services with chauffeur in Singapore. All of the chauffeurs employed are the most experienced & service oriented individuals you can expect, as they have been providing services for Divine Limo to both corporates and the best hotels in Singapore such as Four Seasons Hotel, St. Regis Hotel, Shangri-la Hotel, Hyatt Hotel etc. One unique service provided by Divine Limo is the “Personal Concierge” service which provides “Tailored” services in accordance to the customers’ request(s); be it “chauffeur for hire” service, on-board stewards, private airport transfers or arrivals & departures, city tours, private transportation to & fro Malaysia etc, Divine Limo is your answer.

So whatever your requirements are, you are on the right page. So why wait, talk to us today!
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